Severan Rault

Chief Technology Officer Gojek

Severan Rault is the Chief Technology Officer of Gojek Group. He joined Gojek in early 2020 and is responsible for overseeing the company’s ecosystem technology, as well as managing engineering teams across Southeast Asia and India. Presently, he is also overseeing the launch of the Gojek product in Thailand and Vietnam, following the recent unification of the Gojek brand and apps across markets. His aspiration is to build the next-generation computing fabric that will keep Gojek’s business agile and ensure it maintains scalability in line with the growth of its business.


A seasoned engineering leader, Severan has over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. He was previously director of software development at Amazon, where he helped lead the team that founded Amazon Prime Air, and has also held several leadership positions at Microsoft in the earlier days of his career. In addition, Severan is a serial entrepreneur, having founded Kikker Interactive, a wireless solutions company which was acquired by Microsoft, as well as virtual reality company Betawave, which he worked at before moving to Gojek. 


Severan has a Masters degree in International Project Management from ESCP Business School, as well as a Masters degree in Signal Processing and Telecommunications from ESEO, France.