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GoSend Community’s Innovative Programs seek to turn MSMEs into Economic Heroes

Jakarta, February 9, 2023 – GoSend, Indonesia’s leading on-demand logistics provider, part of Gojek (PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk), has introduced new innovative programs called #RekomenGoSend to empower MSMEs with the right skills and capabilities to brace the uncertain macroeconomics situation in 2023.

In addition to training and special offers for MSMEs, GoSend has also appointed Indonesian celebrity Ariel Noah as a Brand Ambassador, who will review MSMEs’ products, helping them to reach a wider audience.

Founded in 2022, the “Best Seller GoSend” community currently has 13,000 members based in numerous cities in Indonesia. As one of GoTo’s business partner communities, the “Best Seller GoSend” community has become the go-to platform for online sellers to share their insights and success stories to help them navigate dynamic online sales trends.

Previously, a survey conducted by the Institute For Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF) in 2022 discovered that GoSend was considered a platform that most likely increased sellers' productivity. Assessing sellers’ preferences, the survey also found that GoSend service was ahead of other online logistics companies as it’s efficient, safe, and easy to use.

Gojek Head of Marketing Logistics Theresia Nadya said, “Amid all the economic challenges, we discovered that there is a growing interest in shopping and selling stuff online. We are delighted to see GoSend becoming the top choice for the public in sending their stuff for both their daily and business needs. This trend is not only supported by GoSend’s easy and comprehensive service, but also by inspiring and success stories from various online businesses we discovered in the ‘Best Seller GoSend’ community. With a variety of programs and initiatives, we hope more online sellers will have the opportunity to expand their network and move to the next level together with thousands of other success stories.”

#RekomenGoSend is among ‘Best Seller GoSend” community flagship programs in 2023. Inspired by consumer online buying habits, who usually look for reviews before making a purchase, this program will provide selected members the opportunity to receive year-round promotional support.

Through #RekomenGoSend initiative, GoSend invites users and social media influencers, such as Ariel Noah, to review products and share their shopping experiences at the online stores. Ariel Noah shared that he’s thrilled to be part of the Best Seller GoSend Community Program, especially the #RekomenGoSend initiative, as it allows him to support MSMEs, saying “There are a lot of ‘hidden gem’ shops and products in ‘Best Seller GoSend’ community, which needed to be exposed to a wider range of potential customers. MSMEs are the backbone of Indonesia’s economy, thus, I am happy to support and wascampaign for them by reviewing and promoting their products.”

This year, in addition to running regular training and the #RekomenGoSend initiatives, the Best Seller GoSend community is running a variety of exclusive programs, including the Ruang Belajar GoSend (GoSend Study Room), Best Seller Success Stories, a special channel for community interaction and exclusive promos and merchandise for the members.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy also acknowledges GoSend’s initiative, Muhammad Neil El Himam, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy's Deputy for Digital Economy and Creative Products, explained that this year, the government has provided MSMEs with various opportunities to become a catalyst in the economic growth through MSMEs product consumption.

“With millions of MSMEs available online, creative branding and word of mouth become crucial in this digital age. On the other hand, MSMEs also need to join the community to support one another in entering the next level. Through GoSend, we applaud Gojek's consistency in powering MSMEs and their eagerness to provide a range of capacity-building initiatives and innovative marketing assistance. We hope that more MSMEs will be able to enter the next level and more people will know and love their products.”

In order to increase the visibility of "Best Seller GoSend" members, Ariel Noah will the #RekomenGoSend program every month. To join the “Best Seller GoSend '' community and get access to exciting opportunities, online sellers can click the Additionally, in February 2023, GoSend users will get the chance to get 75% cashback on GoPay Coins purchases using the GoSENDHEMAT Promo Code. A subscription promotion offering 10 GoSend Vouchers with a 90% GoPay Coin Cashback is also available to new GoSend users at IDR 1,000.

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