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Gojek and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Promote Integrated Intermodal Transportation and Traffic Management with the Launch of the Palmerah Shelter

Jakarta, June 12, 2023 - In line with its commitment to innovation and providing advanced mobility solutions, Gojek, in collaboration with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, has launched the Palmerah Shelter to expand GoRide Instant pick-up points and promote efficient traffic management.

Located at a highly strategic site, integrated with Palmerah Station and the Pasar Palmerah Transjakarta bus stop, the shelter aims to offer customers the best experience for integrated intermodal trips.

During the launch of the Palmerah Shelter, Gede Manggala, Head of Regions & External Affairs at Gojek, stated, "The Gojek Palmerah Shelter serves as a new GoRide Instant service point and combines physical and digital infrastructure to provide the public with an optimal mobility experience. The shelter facilitates seamless intermodal trips and supports traffic management in the Palmerah Station area. Users can use GoRide Instant to either start or end their journey with a bus or train."

Gede further highlighted that, according to internal Gojek data, GoRide Instant offers more than three times the time efficiency compared to regular orders. Moreover, GoRide Instant can be further optimized when used in conjunction with Gojek's new GoTransit feature, which enables customers to purchase public transport tickets directly through the Gojek application. With just one app, users can fulfill their various transportation needs.

Chaidir, Deputy Mayor of Central Jakarta, commended Gojek's innovations for supporting the government's program to encourage public transportation usage. He stated, "in 2023, the DKI Provincial Administration aims to increase public transportation usage by 51%, achievable by improving public transportation accessibility from 86% to 95%. Services like Gojek play a vital role in connecting public and private transportation services. Innovations such as GoRide Instant provide public transportation users with the option to conveniently and efficiently continue their trips to their final destinations. The Gojek Palmerah shelter's strategic integration with the KRL station and Transjakarta bus stop is of great significance."

Ferdinand, Head of Road Transportation at the DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency, expressed appreciation for the Gojek Palmerah shelter, stating, "we appreciate the Gojek Palmerah shelter. GoRide Instant facilitates seamless transfers from the first mile to the last mile, whether to or from train (Commuterline) or Transjakarta services. Palmerah Station serves more than twelve thousand people per day, and a significant portion of these users rely on Gojek as their first mile or last mile transportation provider. We hope that the Gojek Shelter also contributes to traffic management in the area and reduces congestion around Palmerah Station."

In addition to its benefits for traffic control in the integrated transportation area, the Gojek Shelter also provides a five-star service by serving as a comfortable and secure waiting point for both Gojek partner drivers and customers. The facilities include a comfortable waiting area, a queue management system, and phone battery charging facilities. As the shelter encourages more users to utilize Gojek services, driver partners benefit from an increased number of orders.

Apart from Palmerah Station, Gojek operates at 13 stations in the Jabodetabek area, which serve as GoInstant drop-off and pick-up points. These stations include Juanda Station, Tanah Abang Station, Manggarai Station, Kebayoran Baru Station, Duren Kalibata Station, Bekasi Station, Depok Baru Station, Bogor Station, Sudimara Station, Caking Station, Tangerang Station, and Kranji Station.

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