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Gojek introduces temporary ‘Driver Fee’ to support driver partners in Singapore

SINGAPORE, 19 March 2022: Gojek today announced that it will introduce a temporary ‘Driver Fee’ on all trips to support driver partners' overall earnings amid rising operating costs and fuel prices in Singapore, resulting from the rapidly changing global situation. 

From 31 March 2022, a $0.50 flat-fee will be applied to all Gojek trips less than 10km in distance, with trips 10km and above subject to an $0.80 flat-fee. The ‘Driver Fee’ will be applied to all GoCar, GoCar Premium and GoCar XL rides, with the exception of GoTaxi as fares are subject to the taxi’s meter. The 'Driver Fee', which will remain in place for 2 months, until at least 31 May 2022, will not be subject to Gojek’s prevailing commission rates with the full amount of the fee being retained by driver partners.

The introduction of this ‘fee’ is in addition to existing incentives and measures announced last year to support driver partners and help them take home more earnings per trip. These include a reduction in service fees to 10% on all rides, at least until the end of 2022, and enhanced far trip incentives, as well as comprehensive measures to support driver partners earnings throughout the pandemic.

To help consumers offset these changes, all trips will remain eligible for Gojek’s ongoing ‘925’ promotion, where they can enjoy 50% off five rides (capped at $5) from 9AM to 5PM on weekdays by entering the promo code ‘925’, in addition to a discount voucher extended to all new users.

Lien Choong Luen, General Manager of Gojek Singapore, said, “Our driver partners are the backbone of the Gojek platform and our priority is on maintaining their welfare and ensuring that they can build a sustainable livelihood on our platform. Rising costs at the pumps directly impact our driver partners' ability to work and earn and we’ve heard firsthand the challenges they’re facing. The introduction of this fee will help provide much needed financial support and earnings protection for them.”

In addition, also from 31 March 2022, Gojek will be increasing its trip start fare by $0.50 for all GoCar trips and $0.80 on GoCar Premium and GoCar XL services, with GoTaxi rides remaining exempt. 

He added: “We do not take any decision to change fares lightly and know that the rising cost of living impacts all our users. Our existing ‘925’ campaign remains in place and passengers can look forward to more promotions which will more than help offset changes to fares. We remain focused on ensuring we provide safe and reliable rides at fair and competitive prices for both riders and driver partners, and are committed to continuous improvement, helping to build a stronger business and spur our growth in Singapore.” 

These changes build on the company’s continuous efforts to strengthen its service offering and improve experiences for users in Singapore, including the recent launch of GoCar XL and GoCar Premium

[More details on these changes can be found on the Gojek driver partner blog here]


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