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Gojek launches GoTaxi, a dedicated feature to book taxis in Singapore

    • Commuters will enjoy greater ride availability and options, while taxi drivers will benefit from increased earning opportunities and flexibility

      4 May 2021 - Gojek users in Singapore will soon be able to enjoy a dedicated feature to book taxis directly from the Gojek app. The company today announced the launch of GoTaxi, the latest mobility option for Gojek customers, as part of its commitment to continuously enhance its offering for users. 

      GoTaxi will start rolling out to Gojek customers in Singapore from next week. Customers will be able to select the ‘GoTaxi’ option when booking a ride within the Gojek app, and be matched to taxis exclusively. Rides booked through GoTaxi will be charged a metered (rather than fixed) fare, and riders will see an estimated fare range at the point of booking. 

      GoTaxi will complement GoCar - Gojek’s existing ride-hailing service that matches customers to either private-hire vehicles or taxis - and bring additional benefits to both riders and drivers. 

      Benefits to riders

      Gojek riders will enjoy greater ride availability and improved wait times on the Gojek platform, by virtue of an enlarged driver pool comprising more taxi drivers. They will also get free accident coverage on all GoTaxi trips, an extension of the complimentary personal accident insurance they currently receive for all trips on GoCar.

      In addition, customers with diverse needs can enjoy more options via GoTaxi. Families travelling with children under 1.35m in height will be able to conveniently book a ride and commute to places in a taxi. Persons with disabilities or wheelchair users will have access to a more accessible transport option, as all taxis are equipped to store wheelchairs when they are folded and closed. 

      Benefits to drivers

      Through GoTaxi, taxi drivers will enjoy greater flexibility and increased earning opportunities. Existing taxi drivers on the Gojek platform will access an additional option of metered fare jobs, on top of the fixed fare jobs they currently receive through GoCar. 

      New taxi drivers who join the Gojek family will enjoy additional earning opportunities in the form of on-demand bookings through the Gojek platform, as well as greater flexibility as they continue to be able to take on street-hail jobs. Taxi drivers will also stand to enjoy the same driver benefits that Gojek private-hire driver-partners do, which include fuel rebates, earnings protection insurance and subsidised health services. 

      Lien Choong Luen, General Manager of Gojek Singapore, says: “Coming off the back of a challenging year, Gojek is in a good position for strong growth in 2021. We’re making strategic investments to grow the Singapore market, and a big part of that is launching new transport products to benefit both our customers and driver-partners, and doubling the size of our driver community. The launch of GoTaxi will enhance mobility options for our users and increase demand for ride-hailing, which would in turn increase earning opportunities for our drivers, which I’m excited about. 

      “Building on this, we’ll continue to explore the potential launch of new services and products that will make sense in the market.”

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