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Gojek launches new ride-hailing services in Singapore, GoCar Kids & GoCar XL Kids

GoCar Kids, GoCar XL Kids, scheduled to go live 10 January 2023, are the latest additions to Gojek’s service offering in Singapore

SINGAPORE, 3 January 2023: Gojek today announced the expansion of its transport offering in Singapore with the scheduled launch of GoCar Kids and GoCar XL Kids, its on-demand service type for those travelling with children aged 4-7 years.

GoCar Kids and GoCar XL Kids will be available to all users in Singapore from  10 January 2023, 12pm onwards. This marks the latest addition to Gojek’s service offering in Singapore, and builds on the company’s commitment to expand its suite of offerings and strengthen the user experience for both driver-partners and consumers. 

All vehicles enrolled to offer the two service types will come equipped with one child seat for children between the height of 1m to 1.35m. Rides booked using GoCar Kids will be able to take three adults and one child, while GoCar XL Kids rides will be available for larger groups of up to five adults and one child.

Safe and reliable rides for everyone

To ensure optimal safety when travelling with children, driver-partners who complete trips under the two service types will have a minimum rating of 4.6 stars. They will also have received  online training and verification, ensuring that they have evidenced the relevant knowledge to install a child seat and that the child seat they have meets Gojek’s requirements. 

All child seats used to provide GoCar Kids and GoCar XL Kids services will be required to be from a Gojek-approved brand that also meets one or more of the standards approved by the Traffic Police, giving consumers complete peace of mind when travelling with Gojek.

Enhanced earnings for driver-partners

As one of the most requested features by driver-partners, the launch of GoCar Kids and GoCar XL Kids will bring about increased earnings opportunities for driver-partners. Both service types will give driver-partners greater flexibility to take on more trips from passengers travelling with children, and these orders will also have an additional fixed fee of S$2 applied on top of usual GoCar and GoCar XL prices. Other fees for consumers, including the platform fee and Driver Fee, as well as services fees for drivers will remain unchanged.

Lien Choong Luen, General Manager of Gojek Singapore, said, “We are excited to kickstart 2023 with a new service offering - GoCar Kids and GoCar XL Kids. Families travelling with young children have often requested this feature for greater safety and convenience, and it also allows driver-partners additional earnings opportunities as well.”

He added: “This launch sets the tone for more exciting things to come. With more people taking rides again, we will continue to maintain our strong focus on service quality and what riders need in order to be sustainable and successful in Singapore for the long-term.”

The launch of GoCar Kids and GoCar XL Kids follows on from recent changes to improve the user experience for consumers and driver-partners, including the launch of GoCar Premium, GoCorp and GoCar XL, among others. 

GoCar Kids and GoCar XL Kids will be available to consumers on app version 4.58 onwards.

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