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Gojek rolls out a series of bold new changes to transform driver and rider experience in Singapore

Gojek to cut service fees for every trip to 10% through 2022, providing a minimum earnings safety net and more 

Singapore, 14 June 2021: Gojek today announced a series of bold and meaningful changes to its driver earnings and incentives aimed at strengthening its ecosystem and providing both immediate and long-term improvements to driver-partner and rider experiences in Singapore. 

From 21 June, Gojek will reduce service fees for all driver-partners to 10% (from 20%) on all rides at least until the end of 2022, allowing them to take home more earnings immediately without having to rely on incentives. In addition, Gojek will implement:

  • A flat fee payout of $3 for pickups of 3km or more (from 21 June)

  • New daily peak hour targets to boost earnings by up to $100 during peak hours (from 21 June)

  • A minimum earnings safety net - for eligible drivers-partners who complete the minimum number of trips (from 1 July)

[More details on these changes can be found on the Gojek driver-partner blog here]

These changes build on the company’s continuous efforts to support the well-being of driver-partners, and are designed to help them take home more earnings per trip and build a sustainable livelihood on the Gojek platform. 

At the same time, by enhancing driver experience and attracting more new driver-partners to the platform, Gojek riders will also enjoy a better and more reliable experience by way of a larger driver pool, greater ride availability and improved wait times.

Lien Choong Luen, General Manager of Gojek Singapore, says: “

“These measures will have a profound impact on the livelihoods of our driver-partners, increasing their take-home earnings, while giving them more flexibility by reducing their dependence on incentives. Drivers are the bedrock of our business, and improving life for them will therefore spur our growth and help make Gojek a stronger business that can benefit the people of Singapore for the long term.

He added: “The ongoing impact of the pandemic is a consistent worry for our driver-partners as they try to sustain their earnings amidst the uncertainty. Along with the government support measures, we are also taking concrete steps to better support them and ease some of their worries.

Going the distance with driver-partners and riders in Singapore

The changes announced today reflect a significant investment in Singapore - a strategic market for Gojek - and are aligned to the company’s goal to further strengthen its market share and maximise business potential in the country.

These efforts include continued enhancements to Gojek’s transport offering, such as the recent launch of GoTaxi, a dedicated service for taxi-booking; as well as ongoing initiatives to meet the evolving needs of driver-partners, riders and the wider community amid COVID-19. 

In addition to offering comprehensive support to driver-partners to ensure their safety and livelihood throughout the pandemic, on 27 May, Gojek launched a campaign to provide free or discounted rides to and from vaccination sites for all riders in Singapore. The response has been tremendous, with more than 117,500 rides completed to date. 

Under the campaign, every Gojek rider automatically receives a pair of ride vouchers (2 x $15), which are available for use through 31 August this year. With each voucher, riders can book a free or highly subsidised ride for pick-up or drop-off at their chosen vaccination centre, polyclinic or clinic[1]. The vouchers can be used on any day in the week from 8am to 8pm. 

New riders who download the Gojek app and sign up with the platform between 27 May and 31 August are also eligible to receive the vouchers.

[1] All vouchers are geo-restricted and only applicable for pick-up or drop-off at any of these MOH-appointed vaccination sites.

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