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Electrum and Gogoro to strengthen the development of the two-wheel electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia

Jakarta, 21 January 2022 -  Electrum, the joint venture between Gojek and TBS Energi Utama, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Gogoro® Inc, a global technology leader in battery swapping ecosystems that enable sustainable mobility solutions for cities. Through this MoU, Electrum and Gogoro will work together to strengthen the development of Indonesia’s electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, focusing specifically on two-wheel EVs and efficient battery solutions. 

Electrum and Gogoro’s latest collaboration will leverage the cross-sectoral capabilities of the two parties across technology, upstream and downstream energy, in support of  the Indonesian Government’s ambition to turn Indonesia into a global leader in sustainability through the development of a robust and integrated EV industry. The collaboration further strengthens the existing cooperation between Gojek and Gogoro, through which both parties are working together on an ongoing pilot for EVs and battery swapping stations in South Jakarta.

Electrum’s latest MoU with Gogoro is part of its ongoing efforts to accelerate the development of Indonesia’s two-wheeled EV ecosystem in Indonesia. For Gogoro, an industry leader with global recognition for its innovation and success, this MoU represents an opportunity for it to introduce its proven battery swapping platform to Indonesia. The company has experienced strong growth in its pilot market of Taiwan, where it has more than 450,000 riders, over 10,000 battery swap stations at 2,300 locations, and more than 250 million battery swaps to-date.

Pandu Sjahrir, President Director of Electrum and Vice-President Director of TBS said, "As a pioneering technology company in Indonesia’s EV sector, Electrum’s goal is to accelerate the electrification of transportation in Indonesia. Realizing this ambitious objective requires the application of world-class technologies and processes, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Gogoro, a market leading platform in the provision of efficient mobility and energy solutions. As always, our focus on delivering clean transportation solutions to Indonesia is underpinned by our mission of stewardship of the environment  and the communities that we serve, as well as to contribute to Indonesia’s energy independence and national climate initiatives.”

Kevin Aluwi, Director of Electrum and CEO of Gojek also said, "Gojek and Gogoro’s partnership first started last year with commercial trials in South Jakarta using hundreds of Gogoro electric motorbikes and battery swapping stations, and has been very well received. We are excited to build on our existing collaboration through this MoU between Electrum and Gogoro, and explore new ways to make EVs the norm in Indonesia. Change requires strong partnerships, and with Gogoro, we believe we are in a good position to transform the way people in Indonesia commute and meet our goal of fully electrifying our fleet by 2030.”

Horace Luke, Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Gogoro emphasized, “We started Gogoro with a vision to transform urban transportation and provide a path to smart and sustainable electric transportation for the masses, today and for future generations. Our innovative battery swapping platform and smart vehicle technologies have been a game changer in our pilot market of Taiwan, where one in four two-wheel vehicles sold in Taipei in December 2021 were powered by Gogoro battery swapping. Last year, we partnered with Gojek to launch a two-wheel pilot in Jakarta to transition Gojek’s fleet from gas to electric and we are excited to expand our Electrum partnership and work with the Indonesian government to deploy our proven technology and business model in Indonesia to reach its climate goals and lead the transformation to electric in Southeast Asia.” 

The collaboration between Electrum and Gogoro is also in line with Gojek and TBS’ commitment to achieve Zero Emissions by 2030, which will see Gojek transition its fleet to 100% EVs and TBS investing in clean and renewable energy within the same time period. With the latest move, both Gojek and TBS aim to accelerate their progress and work towards achieving cleaner air in Indonesia.

"We believe that the momentum created by our collaboration with Gogoro and our combined knowhow and efforts will catalyze the development of the EV ecosystem in Indonesia. We are also confident that the quality of the technology and solutions that we create with Gogoro will build trust among future customers, as well as encourage the public to try Electrum’s two-wheel EVs and the entire suite of solutions that we will provide." concluded Pandu.

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