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Gojek integrates Jago as a cashless payment method in its app, enabling seamless payments for Gojek services

As the first collaboration between Gojek and Jago, the integration will give Jago customers increased convenience when transacting on the Gojek app

Jakarta, 22 July 2021 - Gojek, Southeast Asia’s leading mobile on-demand services and payments platform, and Bank Jago, an Indonesia-listed technology-based bank, today announced the first phase of collaboration between the two companies, following Gojek’s investment in Bank Jago last year. As part of this collaboration, Jago will be integrated as a cashless payment method on the Gojek app in Indonesia. 

The feature will be progressively rolled out for Jago customers from today, enabling them to connect their bank account and Jago pockets[1] to the Gojek app and make seamless cashless payments for Gojek services including transport, food, bill payments and more. Once connected, each transaction Jago customers make on the Gojek app will be directly debited from their Jago account or pockets. This eliminates the need for top-ups and also enables them to track their Gojek transaction history on the Jago app, bringing about greater convenience and improvements in financial planning. 

Gojek and Jago will continue to work towards delivering more innovative and convenient digital financial services for consumers, which will include eventually enabling consumers to open a bank account with Jago via the Gojek app.

Nila Marita, Chief of Corporate Affairs, Gojek, said: “As strategic partners who are committed to financially enabling Indonesians from all segments of society, we see this integration as a true milestone in our efforts to increase access to digital financial services. It will bring about a new level of convenience and financial planning, enabling Jago customers to seamlessly pay for and track their spending on Gojek services that have become a crucial part of the daily lives of millions of people. This represents a step forward in our common goal to accelerate financial inclusion and literacy in Indonesia.”

Tjit Siat Fun, Compliance Director and Corporate Secretary, Bank Jago said: “The initial integration between Gojek and Jago will introduce many new benefits for our customers when they transact on the Gojek app. Beyond helping them save on time and costs that are usually required for top-ups, the integration will also help them to better understand and manage their finances. For example, they can create a dedicated pocket for their Gojek expenditure to easily track their transactions. In time to come, we expect that this will make customers more disciplined in their spending and saving habits.”


[1] Jago’s Pockets feature enables customers to manage their savings and expenditure by creating pockets of funds for different purposes, such as daily necessities, vacation savings, shopping and more. These pockets can also be created for shared savings and expenditure with family and friends.

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