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Telkomsel Invests an Additional US$300 Million in Gojek; Strengthens Synergies to Grow Indonesia’s Digital Economy

The two companies will explore a deeper integration of their services, with the aim of  delivering greater value to consumers, partners and businesses in Indonesia 


Jakarta, 10 May 2021 – Telkomsel, Indonesia’s leading digital telco company, and Gojek, Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand services and payments platform, announced today that Telkomsel has decided to invest an additional US$300 million in Gojek. As part of this, the two companies will strengthen their collaboration to accelerate Indonesia's digital transformation. 

This investment builds on the existing collaboration between Telkomsel and Gojek and will open up new synergies as the two companies scale up digital services and deliver new, innovative solutions. Specifically, Telkomsel and Gojek will explore more opportunities to integrate their digital services, with the aim of delivering greater value to consumers, partners and businesses. The two companies will also continue to work together to grow Indonesia’s digital lifestyle sector, help businesses leverage digital solutions and further develop the technology talent pool in the country.

Telkomsel CEO, Setyanto Hantoro, says “The additional investment from Telkomsel affirms the common vision of the two companies, both born and developed to answer real problems in society through digital and technological innovation, with the spirit to serve and advance the country. Telkomsel is optimistic that this latest investment will open more opportunities for society to access advanced digital technology-based innovations developed by homegrown companies.”

Setyanto added that the investment is part of Telkomsel's strategy to strengthen the company's three digital business pillars, namely Digital Connectivity, Digital Platform and Digital Services. “As a digital telco, we aim to go beyond our connectivity capabilities by consistently  developing new, sustainable innovations. Through this enhanced collaboration between Telkomsel and Gojek, we will be able to bring together our expertise and further develop Indonesia’s digital industry. As the digital needs of Indonesians continue to grow, it will be increasingly crucial for leading digital technology companies like Telkomsel and Gojek to work together,” said Setyanto.

Andre Soelistyo, Co-CEO of Gojek Group, added, "We are proud to have the opportunity to build on the positive momentum of our strategic partnership with Telkomsel. The additional investment will strengthen the collaboration between the two companies, enabling both of us to leverage our technological resources and expertise to bring the benefits of the digital economy to consumers, driver partners and small businesses across Indonesia. By combining the best of our capabilities, we hope to accelerate the country's digital transformation and position Indonesia as the true leader in Southeast Asia’s digital economy."

The additional investment in Gojek has the approval and  support of Telkomsel’s shareholders, including Telkom Indonesia and Singtel Group. This is in line with Telkomsel's view that the investment will strengthen its position as the leading digital telco in Indonesia, enabling it to further develop its digital ecosystem and bring about greater benefits to society.

Following Telkomsel’s initial investment in Gojek in November 2020, the two companies have integrated various aspects of their services to provide users with new benefits. This has helped to accelerate the digitization of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) while bringing about greater cost savings for driver partners and enhanced convenience for consumers. These initiatives include:

  • The integration of Telkomsel MyAds with GoBiz, which enables Gojek's MSME partners to use MyAds to efficiently expand their outreach to Telkomsel users.

  • Easy onboarding for Gojek MSME partners to become Telkomsel reseller partners through the DigiPOS Aja! application, thus increasing  income-earning opportunities for MSMEs.

  • Affordable data packages (Paket Swadaya) for Gojek driver-partners, which can be accessed on the GoPartner and MyTelkomsel applications.

  • Convenient access to more than 20,000 outlets and resellers of Telkomsel via GoShop.

  • Co-marketing for gaming services through Telkomsel’s Dunia Games and GoPay in collaboration with Tencent, providing greater value for PUBGM users.

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